Steele Law: Expert Land and Environment Court lawyers


Our team at Steele Law specialises in providing expert advice and representation in litigation in the NSW Land and Environment Court. We are also experienced at acting for clients in environmental litigation in the Federal Court of Australia.

The NSW Land and Environment Court is a specialist environmental court which has jurisdiction over the following classes of matters:

Class 1: Environment, planning & protection appeals

Includes 'merits appeals' against decisions made in relation to development consents and environmental approvals.

Class 2: Tree disputes & miscellaneous appeals

Includes matters arising under the Local Government Act 1993 and disputes under the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006.

Class 3: Valuation, compensation and Aboriginal Land Claims

Includes compulsory acquisition appeals, valuation disputes, and the determination of Aboriginal land claims.

Class 4: Judicial review & civil enforcement

Includes 'judicial review' of decisions made in relation to development consents and environmental approvals.

Class 5: Criminal proceedings

Includes prosecutions for planning and environmental law offences.

Classes 6 & 7: Criminal appeals against conviction or sentence

Includes appeals against convictions and sentences for planning and environmental offences imposed by the Local Court.

Class 8: Mining matters

Includes matters arising under the Mining Act 1992 or the Petroleum (Onshore Act) 1991.

Success rates

Marcus Steele has an excellent success rate acting for clients in a variety of environmental and planning law proceedings. The following charts provide a snapshot of last 25 proceedings in which Marcus has acted as at January 2018.

These include proceedings in which he acted prior to establishing Steele Law.  Of course, each case turns on its merits and past success is no guarantee of a positive outcome in future proceedings.

Litigation Success Rates.PNG

How we can help

At Steele Law, we are experienced in advising and representing clients in each of the classes of matters falling within the court's jurisdiction. Based in Sydney, our firm has extensive experience in all areas of environment and planning law, allowing us to assist clients across the country with a diverse range of matters through the NSW Land and Environment Court. We assist our clients by:

  • developing a cost effective, efficient and robust litigation strategy;
  • leveraging our extensive network of leading counsel (barristers) and technical experts to ensure our clients are supported by a "top tier" litigation team;
  • preparing a contingency plan (ie a "Plan B") to mitigate the risk of an adverse outcome; and
  • where appropriate, engaging in alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve disputes on an agreed basis.

Our experience

Examples of matters in which we have successfully represented clients in the NSW Land and Environment Court and the Federal Court of Australia can be found here.

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